Things to do on a long weekend

Go canoeing in Town Lake
Eat delicious dead animals at the Salt Lick
Listen to the Austin Symphony for free in Auditorium Shores
See fourth of July fireworks.
Swim in Barton Springs.
Buy a new grill and cook watch other people cook delicious food.
Pose with the grill, so that others think you did more than just eat what was on top.
Go to Hut’s for a hamburger, find a photo of a singer that looks exactly like someone you know. And I mean exactly.

Not bad for four days, and this isn’t even a comprehensive list. Thanks to Lema, Sam and Anya for visiting and for a fun time.

2 thoughts on “Things to do on a long weekend”

  1. The photo with me by the grill makes it look as though I had anything to do with the awesome Mediterranean feast that Sam and Lema concocted… make no mistake, MKX readers, they are the true culinary geniuses 🙂

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