Live soccer on Apple TV

I don’t know you, but to me this is a Big Deal™:

Veetle, a peer-to-peer video technology uses a proprietary plug-in in order to see their streams, usually at exceptionally high quality. On the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, browser plug-ins are not available. Thankfully, Veetle provides some of the videos using HTML5 and Apple’s HTTP streaming which in English means “live high-quality streaming video on your favorite toy’s browser”. The quality is top-notch.

Live soccer on Apple TV, courtesy of Veetle, iPad, and AirPlay

At some point recently, they enabled AirPlay on the streams in their website; or maybe it’s an iOS 4.3.1 thing, but it didn’t work last time I tried it. This means I can finally send live video from my iPhone/iPad to my Apple TV. Since the TV in my room is hooked up only to an Apple TV, this is great. And the quality is very, very good.

Bonus tip: Exit Safari to use another app or open another tab while the video is playing on the Apple TV. Playback will stop, but you can double click on your Home button in order to bring up the multitasking tab, swipe to the playback controls, and resume your video in the background!

6 thoughts on “Live soccer on Apple TV”

  1. I tried to airplay a video yesterday, but I only got the audio on the TV. How do you know if a video is available to airplay with video and sound?

  2. Alex, in my experience this is somewhat flaky as of the current iOS version (4.3).
    Sometimes the iPad will only transmit sound but if I switch over to the iPhone it will work. Sometimes I AirPlay using the YouTube app and then switch to Safari and it works. YMMV.

    I hope this is all sorted out in iOS 5.0.

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