Cheap solution to the Smart Cover dilemma

As you know, I bought the Smart Cover for my iPad 2. It’s really slick but it has one problem: It does not protect the back of the iPad. I like taking my iPad from one place to another and put it down on hard surfaces: the kitchen table, the tile floor next to the toilet kitchen table, etc.

I really liked the original iPad’s Apple Case because it protected the back well enough so that I’m not scared of scratching the aluminum back. Until I can find a suitable replacement, I found  a $3 stop-gap solution:

Read more to find out…

I am well aware that this is far from being the most elegant thing, but I should be able to take them off without them leaving any residue behind. Place them close enough to the corners and the rubber feet are tall enough to protect the iPad even when used at an angle with the Smart Cover.

The rubber pads I found are a little larger than I like. I may do a quick trip to my local Target to see if I find a smaller alternative.

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  1. YOU found the $3 solution? I believe there is a Staples employee out there somewhere that can attest to the fact that it was me who found it 🙂

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