A good iPad bag

I was looking for a while for a good travel bag to use with my iPad. I wanted something with the following characteristics:

  • Fits the iPad while inside the Apple case, the charger and cable, and just a bit of extra room for things like tickets and passport. But not much else. Small as possible.
  • Has a shoulder strap.
  • Does not look like a purse.

I found this cheap Case Logic bag: The BUA-10 7-10″ Netbook / iPad Attaché. While it’s not really designed for the iPad (it’s about 2 centimeters too long), it happens to be almost perfect.

BUA-10 Case Logic bag and my iPad

It has a little front pocket, and inside there is a business card holder, a pen holder, and another small pocket.

To be honest, the build quality of the bag could be better, but for $20 I’m not going to complain much. Recommended. But if you want something nice, this Targus bag (which is not out yet) is more expensive but looks good.

Front pocket. The velcro does not inspire much confidence. I wish the front pocket was a little roomier and had a zipper.
Credit card holder, a small pocket, and a pen holder. You can also stuff a magazine inside the case, with your iPad. But only barely.

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