Uruguay vs Mexico

Jaco and I in Rustenburg
This guy jumped the field and ran for about a minute before getting tackled.

We lost 1-0 against Uruguay in a very tight match. Still enough to make it to the second round. We will be facing Argentina (again) in the Round of 16.

The game was in Rustenburg, near Johannesburg. Getting there was very painful… about three hours for what should have been a 1.5 hour drive. Coming back was even worse: 1.5 hours just to get to our car! (There was no parking by the stadium, it was all park and drive).

The stadium was all Mexican. Someone heard there were 30,000 Mexican fans and 2,000 Uruguayan fans. Too bad that doesn’t count in the tournament.

A freaky thing happened on the way out: it took us forever to find the car. That’s because we saw it but we ignored it, as all four of its doors were wide open. Yes, all four doors were wide open! We obviously didn’t leave them that way. We had left all sorts of junk inside the car and in the truk, but it was all there. Bizarre.

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  1. Marquitos, tengo que preguntar: ¿Todavía insistes en que Aguirre mantenga a G. Franco en la alneación?… más alla de que no veo como traspasar la muralla argentina, me da curiosidad.

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