8 thoughts on “This one is not photoshopped”

  1. Oh wow! Can’t believe you ran into such high-profile players! (by the way Yoni of course knew them and was in disbelief when I told him).

  2. Haha I can be his witness that this is 100% real – I was on the phone with him when he ran into them. But it’s totally a case of the boy who cried wolf… I wouldn’t have believed him either!

  3. Photoshop 100%…. si hubiera sido real, la foto seria:
    1) marcos abrazandolo con una presentacion en su iphone/ipad/mac con sus mejores goles
    2) la policia quitando a marcos despues de que no lo dejara irse a donde tenia que ir
    3) marcos pidiendole un autografo en la foto del kikin festejando el gol contra portugal del 2006

    si ya ibas a hacer el photoshop minimo debias salir abrazandolo o algo….

    excelentes las fotos de verdad de sudafrica!!

  4. Whatever, I have 4 other photos with him from different angles that didn’t come out that well. I didn’t Photoshop all of them.

    BTW I have a few photos with other famous former players, one of them a former world cup champion. Will post later…

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