Zeide’s driver’s license

Here’s a fun little piece of family history that was recently unearthed by my great-uncle Jacobo:

This is an undated driver’s license that belonged to my great-grandfather Marcos Sandler. He must have received it not too long after moving to Mexico. It is for driving a bogué. According to my mom, that’s the word they used for wagons back in the day. I had never heard it and my search in the all-knowing Royal Academy of the Spanish Language was fruitless. I did find  the similar words bogie and boje, which are synonyms whose definition I translate:

A set of two pairs of wheels mounted on adjacent, solid parallel axis, used in both sides of the vehicles of great length destined to circulate over lanes.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense in Spanish either. Perhaps an enlightened reader can help? (Eva, ask your dad).

4 thoughts on “Zeide’s driver’s license”

  1. He aqui la respuesta:

    “Creo que la mamá de Marcos tiene razón. Recuerdo haber oído la palabra de niño, pero sin acento (bogue), y aplicada, en efecto, a un pequeño coche de tiro”

  2. That is a really cool piece of family history, Marcos. I hope you learn more about it. from what I understand, Eva told you: “I believe that Marcos’ mom knows the reason. I remember hearing the word when I was a child, but without the accent (bogue), and it applied, in effect to a small car” (what does tiro mean?)

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