5th Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off

5th Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off

This afternoon the 5th Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off was held at the JCAA. This is a probably the only kosher chili contest in the world – blending Texan and Jewish culture together (although I’d prefer a kosher BBQ cook-off).

I promised last year to enter for 2010, but due to unforeseen reasons, I did not. Most of the chilies I tried were not very spicy, but there were some good things out there. I’m warming up to the idea of vegetarian chili. What’s wrong with me? Well, perhaps I will enter in 2011.

I didn’t stick around until they announced the winner, so please comment if you know. In the meantime, a few photos after the break.

Lots of sponsors for the 5th Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off. Conspicuously absent is the logo for The MKX®.
It's not easy to judge 25 different chilis 2010: Marcos Kirsch and David Endler. We look younger than last year, don't we?
Carlos W. Marcos K., Jamie S., Alejandro C. at the 5th Annual Kosher Chili Cook-off

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  1. No, Tiferet Israel in Dallas just had its 17th Annual Kosher chili cookoff…..!

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