Plane crash nearby

This is a photo I just took of what is apparently the smoke from a plane crash on MoPac and 183. I took it from the eight floor of my building at work:

Plane crash in Hwy. 183 & MoPac

There’s not a lot of news out there but KVUE has a report (with video): Apparently a 1-engine Cessna crashed onto the Echelon building.

According to my calculations, in the embedded map you can see how far from me it happened:

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[UPDATE]: Two people still unnacounted for. Let’s hope they’re ok!
[UPDATE 1:13 PM]: There was a big column of smoke I could see from my building this morning (before the crash). It was a house on fire. It’s possible that this is the house of the pilot that smashed a plane this morning, Joseph Andrew Stack. His suicide letter is online on his website.

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  1. Thanks for the recap. Kind of amazing that you can see smoke from both this kooks house and the building. I hope he’s burning in you know where just knowing that so many people were able to get out of the building safely.

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