Arturito and Debbie sitting in a tree

As you can tell from my last post, my cousin and former La Guarida dweller Arturo Karakowsky got married to the beautiful Debbie Forkowitz last Sunday. This was their religious wedding, as they held their civil wedding a few months ago (and I had the distinct pleasure of attending as well).

ChupahThe coupleBig group photoUs

This wedding was unique because it was held right here, in the Live Musical Capital of the World, even though neither the groom nor bride were born here, but it’s the middle ground where both went to school. It also means that I was one of the few locals (a minority in this party) and had a house full of guests. It was cool and sort of surreal to see so many people from Monterrey at bars that weekend and especially at the rehearsal dinner and wedding banquet.

Without further ado, I leave you a link to a few photos I took. Feel free to email me any photos you’d like added to the album. Also, I took some video of the traditional dancing at the wedding. Since Arturo weighs around 40 Kg, he could really fly. Sadly his best acrobatics were not captured in my videos, as I was too busy throwing him up.

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