Skitch beta

A while ago I signed up to beta test this new little application being developed by the folks at plasq called Skitch.

They are the same guys that make Comic Life, and like Comic Life, Skitch has a really nice, really innovative user interface. It’s hard to describe, so you should watch their short intro video.

In about 2 minutes, the first time I used the little program, I captured this little screenshot, added a watermark, drew a little arrow and uploaded to my server this little image:

skitch test

Not too shabby… as you can see, this is a really useful tool for a blogger. Expect lots of images with cool watermarks and little arrows from now on.

Oh, yes, before I forget: I got 2 (two, that’s it) invites for people who want to try Skitch. If you think you deserve one of them (i.e. you are a Mac-using blogger who posts regularly) please leave a comment and try to convince me why you should get one of my precious invites.

7 thoughts on “Skitch beta”

  1. Cuando tengas tu Mac, te mando tu Skitch (si me quedan invitaciones).
    Se me hace injusto pasartela si no tienes donde usarlo.

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