NI Latin-American Picnic

National Instruments Latin-American Picnic (by Jaramillo)
(gigantic version here)

On Saturday, all (ok, not everyone made it) Latin-American employees of National Instruments got together for a little and absolutely non-official get together complete with BBQ’ing, kite-flying, high performance beach volleyball, and more.

I thought I already knew everyone, or at least a large majority… but I actually got to meet a lot of new people I didn’t know, especially those who started at the company recently.

It was a lot of fun, even though the meat I bought for grilling tasted like rubber (but it was soooo cheap).

We had people from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic, the U.S… None of the Brazilians or Venezuelans showed up, the cowards.

Since I’m the one who started the whole thing, got the list of people together and sent out the invitations (although Nestor helped out a lot finding a really nice place to have it), I hope everyone had a great time and we can do it again soon.

Note to self: Don’t fall for the low meat prices. Buy good stuff next time.

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