Spectacular Birthday Party

Julia Gallegos, Marcos Kirsch, Karine

Last Saturday, May 6, 2006, Julia Gallegos, Karine, and myself threw a little birthday party. Read on to get to the photos…A lot of people showed up, including many people from out of town who traveled from the farthest and most unreachable corners of the world such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.(to them… thanks for coming: Jodi, Annette, Aaron, Vanessa, Sandra, Andrea, Claudia, Becky, Mariana, Orly, David, Ohad, Efrat – if I forgot someone let me know).The destruction after the party was not that bad, even considering the big storm right before. And the cleaning was not bad either. Those who helped clean deserve an honorific mention: Jodi, Nathán, Karine, Becky, Mariana, Orly, David.Also, worth mentioning is Julia’s warrior spirit, who partied hard all night even though she felt like crap. The next morning she was diagnosed acute bronchitis. Get well messages for Julia can be posted here as comments too.Now that I’ve made you read through all this boring nonsense, I’ll link to the photos. Just remember that the ususal disclaimers apply: I uploaded photos of those who either took them with their own cameras and thus show up all over the place or people who are attention hogs and jump in front of any camera in sight. If you are not in the photos it’s not my fault and it doesn’t mean I don’t like you (even though that might be the case). Email me any other photos you may have.Take me to the photos, dammit!

[UPDATE 4/30/2008]: Original evite text follows:

***Not since Paris Hilton turned 21 has Austin seen a birthday party such as the one happening on May 6***

Karine, Julia and Marcos are combining their mystical powers, summoning the coolest people inside and outside this town in order to throw a bash so big, so fun, so incredible, that you will need to see it to believe it, and even then you may not believe it.

The reason?
Even though by looking at us you’d never guess we are more than 16 years old, we are having our birthday on this month and finally turning 21 (approximately).

See you on Saturday, May 6th at 9:00 PM at La Guarida (a.k.a. The Lair) for a celebration of life, youth, and beauty.

We know some of you may have some lame excuses, including:
– “I’m Batman”
– “I’m a poor transport-less student who lives in Campus”
– “Finals”
– “Hepatitis”
– “My wedding”
– “But I live in Korea!”
– “I hate Marcos/Karine/Julia’s guts”
– “There’s a bounty on my head and this party is like a bounty hunter convention”
– “I never got this evite… stupid Hotmail accounts”
– “I’m in law school, I don’t hang out with your kind”
– “I’m an MBA, I don’t hang out with your kind”
– “I’m an engineer, I don’t hang out”

We accept none of that! You will have to find a way around your meaningless limitations in order to get to this party… it’s going to be a big one!

Our pledge to you:
There will be music, snacks and a keg of fine fine fine cold beer. So do not bring any more beer.
But one keg is definitely not enough, so do bring lots of Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Wine, Pizco, Champagne, Cognac, Bailey’s, Mezcal, Gin, Uzo, Everclear, Goldschlagger, or even those girlie drinks that come in individual brightly colored bottles (Marcos loves them). The sky (and not your tolerance for alcohol) is the limit.

Featuring DJ’s from all over the world!
We have now confirmed the participation of DJ^2 straight from the Medellin underworld, as well as DJ Rafa of Los Amantes de Hugo fame – the best record scratcher in Caracas.

See you then!
Birthday kids Julia, Karine, and Marcos.

PS: Toga optional.

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