Gustavo’s Bachelor Party

 Last night we celebrated Gustavo’s bachelor party, as a reminder of the fun you get to have when you’re still single (even though about half of the people there weren’t). First we had dinner at Bone Daddies (see picture). From there, Gustavo, Chaparro, Katrina, Mota, Correa, Zepeda, Cetrulo, Cassandra, Andy boy, Jaramillo, Colibrí, Liza, Brody and others went back to Gustavo’s place to play a gruesome game of Monopoly. Andrés was lucky and snatched Boardwalk and Parkplace early in the game (double one?! what the hell?!?!?) and ultimately won the game. I had terrible luck with the die, but through my cunning business savvy and ruthless negotiation skills I was able to place a respectable, yet forgettable, third place.This is our story and we’re sticking with it.Gus, best wishes to you and Lucy.

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