The big toilet swap

The toilet is the most important seat in a house. It’s where all reading is done. It’s where the daily meditation happens. It’s where Tetris records are shattered. A small, round, uncomfortable toilet is unacceptable and inhumane.

Alejandro Zepeda (a.k.a El Destroyer – hater of Peruvians), Gustavo Castro and I, sharp fellas as we are, know that. We are all victims of the small, round, uncomfortable toilet but decided to do something about it. Taking advantage of the excelent City of Austin Toilet Replacement Program (does your city have one?) we got the first two of six (for three houses) new, nice, oval-shaped, comfortable and efficient toilets. So not only do we get fresh new thrones, but they’re free and they save water. We installed the ones at Zepeda’s house today (and Sayuri made chilaquiles). I’ll be ordering mine next.

No catch whatsoever. I think.

One thought on “The big toilet swap”

  1. These new elongated toilets are really great! Much better than the old mini toilets the house came with. And it turned out that changing them was not nearly as hard as we had expected. The best thing is they are free, and you can feel good about saving water! I highly recommend it.
    They are a throne fit for a king!

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