Juan Gabriel – San Antonio 2005

Juan Gabriel

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Along the lines of Wednesday’s concert, I went to see Juanga to San Antonio on Saturday.

Yup, the crowd was quite different.

This guy is now 55, and doesn’t move or sing like he used to, but his show is still quite good. He has an awesome mariachi band, and everytime he does one of his effeminate gestures (which was very often) the crowd would stand and go wild. And of course, his interpretation of the timeless classic “Querida” brought tears to everyone present.

In other news, it seems we were pretty lucky to go see him that night because tonight in his Houston concert he fell from the stage and banged his head and wrist quite hard, so the tour may be over. Poor Juanga.

[UPDATE 11/16/2005]: Mota sent a link to the video of the fall. Courtesy of Juan Gabriel’s official site.

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