Depeche Mode – San Antonio 2005

Depeche Mode – Houston 2005

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Last night I went to the Depeche Mode concert in San Antonio with Eva, Yoshia and Nathan. It was very good, even though in the row in front of us they were smoking cheap cigarretes during the whole concert, on our left there were 2 goth teenager girls screaming the WHOLE time and right behind our heads there was a hallway where people kept spilling beer, and as a result, someone slipped and there was even a fight.

And, don’t worry, the photo above was not taken by me, it was taken by someone else in Houston a few nights earlier. I was sitting muuuch farther away from the stage last night.

Anyway, the band played about half of the new CD and some of their classics. Also, my friends Johnny Kings and Sandra were there, although I didn’t see them.

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  1. No sabia que venias!! Estuvo muy chevere el concierto…con los años cada vez son mejores los conciertos….un abrazo

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