My right foot

About a month ago, I hurt my foot badly playing indoor soccer. I dislocated my big right toe. I had to use crutches for a few days and I can’t play soccer for another month!

I have uploaded a very beautiful photo album showing some x-rays. Cool!

[Update Dec 11 2006] Fixed link.

[Update June 11 2011] Fixed link. Again. Now lives in The MKX® Photo Central.

6 thoughts on “My right foot”

  1. hey i suffered the same injury,
    im trying to play in a tournament two months after my injury.
    was your toe doing better by then?

  2. I didn’t play for six months. I was perfectly fine after that though.
    Perhaps it will be shorter for you. Good luck!

  3. six months?!?!
    my goodness… nah it doesnt seem likely, two weeks out my toe feels really stiff, still cant bend the joint (the smaller one closer to my toe-nail).

    im using rubber bands to help excercise my bigger joint, but it feels like i lost my smaller joint further away from the base of the toe.

    thanks for the encouragement, but i think i cant play in the tournament…hahah

  4. also could i ask you a question,
    does it still bother you when you hit the ball?
    like try to curve it and what not, i use my bigger toe a little, when i force a bigger curve, but im afraid i wont be able to do that anymore with the injury’s lingering effects, also what position you play?

  5. At this point my toe is in pretty good shape and I can play without any problems (at least, no more problems than before the injury). I’m a central defender.

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