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Israel Jiménez looks unhappy after scoring the own goal that sealed Tigres' defeat against arch-enemy Monterrey.

Photo of the day #41: Tigres VS Monterrey

Israel Jiménez seems far from pleased after scoring the own goal that sealed Tigres' defeat against arch-enemy Monterrey.

“La Palmera” Rivas looks unhappy after Israel Jiménez in Tigres’ defeat against arch-enemy Monterrey.

Top ranked Tigres was eliminated by #9 ranked and arch-rival Rayados de Monterrey in the Mexican Soccer League Quarterfinals. This is the third time in a row that Tigres is defeated by Monterrey in a playoff derby. More info.

Update May 13, 2013: Small corrections. Thanks to Arturito and Juan Carlos for pointing them out.

Mexico wins the Olympics

A few hours ago, Mexico won the Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympics after convincingly beating Brazil 2-1. Next championship: Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Oribe Peralta scored twice. What a year for “Cepillo” Peralta.

On the podium.

Update: Some readers point out that apparently there are other sporting events in the Olympics besides soccer. A small minority even cares about them. Congratulations to whatever countries won other medals on whatever sports.

End of the world?

I am stuck in standby hell (an airline term in which you are stuck in airports) in Orange. County. I am watching the Great Final and Rayados is losing by one goal. This is impossible, right? Vucetich cannot lose a Final! Is it the end of the world? Were the Mayans right? No, that can’t be.

And then I look outside and a dragon is devouring the sun! It is the end of the world! What’s happening?!




Chupete vs Santos

Rayados forward Humberto “Chupete” Suazo likes to score goals against Santos Laguna in finals. The man is a gifted genius. The third goal he scored in the Mexican League 2010 final was amazing. And yesterday he scored again in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final after dribbling his way around 6 opponents. They are both great goals.

Which one do you like better?

Monterrey 3-0 Santos – 2010 Mexican League Final

Monterrey 2-0 Santos – 2012 CONCACAF Champions League Final (1st leg)


Which of these two Chupete goals against Santos do you like better? (click here for videos)
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