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Longhorn American Indian Council Powwow

As part of my ongoing investigation into my Native American lineage, Shlomit and I attended the Longhorn American Indian Council Powwow in the University of Texas last Saturday. The event was not as large as I expected, and I did not find any hints of having any Native American ancestry whatsoever. But it was an interesting and educational time. Here’s a little video of an interesting Cherokee dance to a catchy tune that I recorded:

More info on LAIC.

Israel Block Party 2010

After two very tough acts to follow (Berry Sakharof in 2009 and HaDag Nachash in 2008), the annual Israel Block Party organized by Texas Hillel was held yesterday in UT. All in all it felt like it was less advertised, smaller, emptier, and with less energy than the previous years. Even the usual pro-Palestinian protestors didn’t show up! (or perhaps they left early).

They had a pretty good DJ playing but I don’t know who he is or where they got him from. I did not try the falafel but I did get some free tea, pumpkin seeds, and an army dog tag that does not have my name on it, so I won’t wear it to battle. Did you go?