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Soy Marcos

soy milk cartons

This post is not about an identity/language crisis. It’s about milk.

I heard somewhere that it’s not so good to drink a lot of milk when you are an adult and that it’s better to drink soymilk. I drink a lot of skim milk – at least half a liter a day. I buy it by the gallon, sometime two at a time, and I always finish it before it goes bad.

So I thought about trying soymilk as a substitute. I bought a bunch of different brands/types in order to try them and I’m still going through them.

But I can’t many compelling reasons why I should drink soymilk instead of milk: They have about the same calories but soymilk has more fat. They have about the same amount of calcium and proteins. The internet has not been very helpful, too much conflicting information.

Soymilk lasts for months, that’s big in my book. I can just stock up on cereal and soymilk and never go to supermarket. Also, apparently soymilk is better on the environment due to all the methane that cows produce and the energy it takes to raise them, and so forth.

I’m not going to become a tree-hugging vegan health freak… yet. But if you know more on this subject, I’d love to hear it.