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Unlocked iPhone 4S: Great success!

Response (Joe R.) 10/24/2011 09:11 PM
Thank you for your email, iPhones<sic> are locked and are not being unlocked.

Joe R
SWW Dept.

This is the heart-breaking response I received last week when I asked whether I can use a Telcel micro-SIM on my iPhone 4S when in Mexico.

It’s now even more evident that Sprint does not yet have it’s <deleted> together when it comes to these kind of details regarding their iPhone 4S.

I went to a Telcel store today. I patiently stood in line for half an hour. I gambled all of $150 pesos (about $11.50 USD in today’s rate) on a prepaid “Amigo” micro-SIM card. Popped it in and voilà! It works: I have my own local phone number.

So here it is: if you bought an early Sprint iPhone 4S, I can guarantee that at least for me:

  1. AT&T micro-SIM did not work.
  2. Telcel (Mexico) micro-SIM works like a charm.

This agrees with other reports I’ve read online. I’d love to hear about your experiences, as YMMV.