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Edgar in Israel

Edgar in Israel
Edgar in Israel

In May of 2006, a Mexican kid with a potty mouth and a strong regiomontano accent took the world by storm with his infamous YouTube video that recorded his fall for posterity.

In late 2009, his fame is yet to subside. The MKX® correspondent in Tel Aviv, Amit Safir, sends the photo above, showing Edgar “El que se cae” (“The one who falls”) starring in Israeli TV. You can tell because of the Hebrew and Russian subtitles. As our multilingual readers can attest, there is no good direct translation for his trademark phrase “¡Ya güey!‘.

The MKX has covered Edgar before.

Edgar Fan Club

Forget the Dancing Baby, All Your Base Are Belong to Us, the Star Wars Kid or even Don Filemon.

The new internet phenomena has arrived, and he comes from the great city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México (coincidentally, so do I)…

Take me to the Edgar Fan Club (spanish)

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