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Completing my album

I received a mysterious envelope with a return address in Germany. I wasn’t expecting it so quickly: My own myPanini World Cup sticker for my album. It’s finally (almost) complete:

Click on image to zoom in

Compared to the 2006 version, I look a lot happier and hairier. Most readers will quickly point out that I’m wearing an outdated 1994 Umbro jersey instead of the current one. You are right – but I guarantee that this photo was taken in 2010 next to none other than former national team legend Luis Roberto Alves “Zague”! (see original).

There’s already quite a long waiting list, but I do have a few extras. So if you want your limited edition Marcos Kirsch sticker, just ask nicely in a comment.

And if you know what happened to the mystery sticker shipment from Panama (you know who you are), please let me know.

Panini call to help

I need your help! I have now gone through the box of stickers that Corona brought me from Mexico. I have a few repeats but still many missing – 214 to be precise.

If you are collecting the album and can help out, if you want to trade, if you know where to buy the stickers in Austin… please post in the comments. This is my list. It will stay updated as I collect more stickers. The list itself is generated by a simple PHP script that I wrote. If you want the script just let me know!