I headed out on my first trip to China for work. This was my first flight on a 787 Dreamliner (very nice!) and my first trip to China (very far!) and the longest I have been away from my dear beautiful family (very hard!).

The legroom on an American Airlines 15 hour flight is… minimal. There was maybe an inch between my knees and the seat in front of me. Seriously.

My first impressions of the city are great. Very modern, clean, traffic is not insane. Great roads, unbelievable skyline. Excellent subway.

We stayed at the very nice Onehome Art Hotel which had everything from fake clouds, elevator music in every hallway, lots of art, a glorious  Chinese breakfast buffet…

Fake clouds
Seaweed salad for breakfast? Check. Ramen? Check. Anything you want is here.
More fake clouds. They also have weird fake bird sounds all over the place.
Creepy and artsy cell phone charging station at the hotel.

More of Shanghai in upcoming posts.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai”

  1. Nice!! The clouds must be for acoustic purposes, such as reducing reverb. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Se ve padrísimo el hotel, ojalá tengas tiempo de conocer todo Shanghai dicen que es muy bonito…
    un beso y te quiero mucho

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