SXSW Gaming Expo

I attended the SXSW Gaming Expo on Saturday. The highlights:

Lots of Oculus Rift demos with insane lines. More on this in a future post.

A guy playing some shooter wearing a n Oculus Rift and standing on a Vertex human-sized trackpad: use your feet to walk around!
Paperboy is probably the most popular worst video game ever. Now someone is working on a virtual reality version of it!

A very cool Dallas-based company Captured Dimensions makes a room-sized 3D scanning rig.

Panorama photo inside the Captured Dimensions digitizer. Yes, those are PowerGloves on the screens. I don’t know why.

They can take your picture, digitize it, and then 3D print figurines, or holograms, or whatever. A 3D printed figurine of Marcos would make an excellent addition to The MKX® Gift Shop, wouldn’t it? I was tempted to make one but I think prices will drop quickly as this technology becomes more commonplace.

Full color 3D prints of digitized people at Captured Dimensions booth. See the arm in the background for a sense of scale.

We cannot forget that SXSW is, after all, in the heart of Texas. As such, two things can’t be avoided – even in a Gaming Expo: guns and Jesus:


…even Jewish gamers, I was told.
This is not a toy gun. This computerized gun sight will shoot to kill.

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