Is the third time the charm?

2011 was not a good year for me as far as respect for my private property is concerned.

First, in April, my house got broken into (in Texas). This was a rough one.
Then, in November, my car got broken into (in California).
Now, with only a few hours left in the year, my iPad got stolen (in Israel near Jerusalem).

On this undated photo taken earlier today, I am shown telling two Israeli police officers about the wonders of "Find my iPhone"

Hopefully this is the end of my streak. Shall the iPad popup on a WiFi network, I will get its location courtesy of iCloud’s Find my iPhone feature. Not that it will matter…

3 thoughts on “Is the third time the charm?”

  1. Fruta! Ojalá aparezca y la policía Israelí le parta la madre al ladrón. Menos mal el 2011 ya se terminó en el medio oriente. Aquí todavía faltan unas horas… evitaré emociones fuertes.

  2. Olvidaste mencionar a quienes ocuparon tu casa a la fuerza y te echaron a patadas!

    Feluz 2012!

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