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Those who know me are aware that I am addicted to the anything-reading efficiency of Google Reader (204 feed subscriptions and counting). It’s great. If you are one of those people who still open a few websites every morning in order to read news, then you really need to look into this.

We all hate the recent Google Reader redesign. One of the coolest features it had was the ability of sharing a link, so that anything you “share” shows up in your friend’s Google Reader. In their desperate attempts to fight Facebook, Google cut this feature and replaced it with Google+ integration.

I’ve seen a lot of complains about it online, and even a pretty crazy workaround. Here’s mine:

Use the granddaddy of link sharing services: Web 2.0 pioneer Delicious. You can post things on Delicious directly from the Google Reader interface (you need to enable this in the Google Reader Settings).

Let me know if you create a Delicious account, and I may just add your feed to my Google Reader account. Here’s mine. Or you can just subscribe to The MKX® Super Feed, which aggregates Delicious, Flickr, The MKX®, The MKX® Photo Central, Twitter and YouTube in a single, convenient feed.

2 thoughts on “Sharing links from Google Reader”

  1. Hey!, my crazy workaround took three minutes to set up and I didn’t have to sign up for anything new. It is simple IF you are already a blogger user. If you explain delicious in detail to me, I might change my mind.

  2. Some problems with the Blogger approach.

    First, it seems like overkill to have a full-blown blog just for this purpose. Sure, it works, but it’s like getting a car because you want to listen to the radio.

    Second, the blog seems to be reproducing the posts in their entirety from the RSS entry. This is a bad practice for the web: you should just link to the content so that the traffic and hits go to the source. It helps the write with statistics, etc.

    Delicious is a tool designed for link sharing, so it does this one thing and does it well. You should check it out, it’s interesting. And many services integrate with it (Do you use Reeder on the iPhone/iPad?), and there are many tools and plug-ins written for it. You should check it out.

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