4 thoughts on “Arctic Zero – Too good to be true?”

  1. I just discovered this refreshing drink:
    – Zero calories
    – No artificial flavoring of any kind
    – No conservatives
    – Sugar free and Fat free

    Unfortunately it tastes like water.

  2. have you tried vegan ice cream? that should be suitable for lactose intolerants, is, most cases, gluten-free, plus it’s actually good. (but maybe that’s just me as I haven’t had any “real” ice cream in so long).

  3. Bought a pint of the vanilla maple and mint chocolate cookie arctic zero at whole foods this weekend. I actually thought they were really good considering it’s mainly whey protein and only 150 calories for a pint. In terms of taste between ben & jerry’s it’s a no-brainer but then again ben & jerry’s is like 1,400 calories a pint. If I want something sweet late at night I’ll look better if I eat the arctic zero.

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