Panini World Cup sticker album 2010

Official Panini FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 sticker album

Corona brought me the new album and a box full of sticker packets. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but expect the progress report, just like before, soon. Friends and family (and strangers), start saving those repeats. It’s hard to find people collecting these things in Austin, TX.

15 thoughts on “Panini World Cup sticker album 2010”

  1. Just so you know… one box is noth enough to fill the album… even if you don’t get any repeats.

  2. i just learned about the panini book after moving to england. i would have loved to collect stickers as a kid, but i never knew about it in the US 🙁 anyway, i bought a book and started collecting stickers!

    one question though, how do the publishers of the book which players to include on each team when the managers dont have to choose final teams until next week?!

  3. Vi que la vez pasada te faltaron varios alemanes, avisa si quieres que te mande unas tarjetitas de por aca.

  4. tengo repetidas, con gusto cambiamos

    moi, cómo le hiciste para saber que una caja no completa el album???? tienes alguna evidencia de esto?? o sólo estás inventando?


  5. Isaac,

    Hay 500 barajitas en una caja, son 600+ en el album…..

    Marcos, acuerdate que voy en 2 semanas….

  6. Donde se puede comprar el album en Austin? yo vivo en el norte, y he ido a heb y target sin suerte….

  7. Tus sobrinas tienen su album hace ya unas semanas y estos fueron algunos de sus comentarios mientras lo llenaban ayer:

    Liat: Why are there no girls?

    Joelle: Why is he wearing a different sweater? (se refiere a una estampita de un portero)

    Liat: Why aren’t they smiling in the pictures?

  8. I live in Austin and I collect. I have the album and have only found indiv sticker packets. Should I order the box of 100 online? –scotty upton

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