Random swine flu notes III

More on the swine flu thing (see this and this post)…

9. Official Swine Flu website, by the Mexican Government (Spanish only)

10. Swine flu t-shirts… it took longer than I expected.


11. Think Different poster, Swine Flu Edition (By Jacobo Barmak)

Think Different, Swine Flu Edition

12. And by way of karma (maybe I should discontinue these posts) I got pretty sick myself yesterday. Except it turns out to be a baterial throat infection, not swine flu.

13. Sent in by Darin Gillis: Pimp my Swine Flu Mask. A collection of fashionable masks.



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  1. Uy Marquitos, entonces te toca compartir el puente con tus paisanos. Espero que te recuperes pronto.

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