Happy Thanksgiving

From the perspective of a foreigner living in the U.S., Thanksgiving is a strange holiday.

Strange because despite of its religious origins and history, it is celebrated by every single person in the country. Strange because it’s larger than any other holiday, including Christmas, and everyone goes home with almost no exception. Strange because the most anticipated things about it are the football game and the shopping. Strange because in any email received around this date, people write “Gobble Gobble“, imitating the sound a turkey makes. Strange because the sound a turkey makes does not even remotely resemble “Gobble Gobble“.

I like Thanksgiving food a lot; but since I get a couple days off from work, I will be spending this Thanksgiving in Monterrey eating barbacoa, mole, machacado, and arrachera. Gobble Gobble indeed. Go learn some useful facts about turkeys.

The MKX® is very thankful for our good looking readers. Thank you for your loyalty!

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