Marcos 3G

The day after I was finally liberated from the shackles of a 2-year contract with one cell phone operator, I signed my cellular freedom away for another two years of shackles, this time under a different cell phone operator… which is ok with me because it comes with 3G goodness.

Amazingly, my first generation iPhone sold at a profit. The demand for unlockable iPhones is huge. The downside is that I don’t get to use a Telcel prepaid SIM card when I go to Mexico. I can live with that.

Now I hold my shiny new iPhone 3G in my hand while I drive from work back home everyday… staring in wonder at the blinking blue dot (You are here.) while in satellite view of Google maps. It never gets old.

You really need to get yourself one, you don’t know what you’re missing.

3 thoughts on “Marcos 3G”

  1. I’d love to feel happy for you and be able to say “congratulations”, but just today I found out that my phone company screwed me over and that I won’t be able to get an iPhone… so I am just plain jealous. There.

  2. The greatest feeling I’ve had since I got my new iPhone 3G is that I had 3 new ones already since I bought my first. I guess I just have a little screwed luck… but well, 4th one’s a charm.

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