Psychedelic iPhone

The photo below was taken with my iPhone:

Photo Booth for iPhone? Marcos as seen through Steve Jobs’ famous RDF?


Sometime during my recent trip, my iPhone decided to play some games on me. First, it decided that a stripe near the top of the screen will not be sensitive to touch anymore. While this didn’t make the phone unusable, it did make it extremely annoying to use. Second, the camera went all Warhol on me (as seen above).

While I could have probably sold the thing on eBay, touting the “enhanced” camera as a feature rather than a problem, I decided to have it repaired instead. Dropped it off last night at the Apple Store and picked up the replacement today. The phone is now synced up to my computer and working perfectly with the 2.0 software. Kudos to the great and quick service to Apple!

Still, I’m going to get the iPhone 3G soon.

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