Mrs. Florinda Kirsch’s 80th

Marcos y bubi Florinda
Bar-Mitzvah-aged Marcos with his Bubi Florinda, at Bobe Leike’s house (~1991)

Two weeks ago I did a quick trip for Mrs. Florinda Kirsch’s (a.k.a bubi Florinda) 80th birthday party in Monterrey. It was a big one, just like we like them: almost 200 people. I got to say a speech in front of everyone, holding a microphone and all. Since speeches make me nervous, I figured that the best I could do is distract the audience. An open zipper will accomplish just that (feel free to use my advice).

All of the family made it, which is very nice. As an experiment I decided to leave all my electronic devices behind (camera, iPod, Gameboy, laptop, electric shaver) and instead bring only my iPhone as a replacement on this trip. The experiment was a huge success, except for the camera part. I took only a handful of photos and they came out… good for a cell phone cam, nothing more.

So I’m still trying to collect photos taken by everyone else in order to set up a website or something. Not very successful so far. In the meantime, I leave you with the few photos I’ve been able to collect.

Happy birthday and until 120!

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