Carnaval Brasileiro

For the first time since I moved to Austin I went to the yearly Carnaval Brasileiro. They have it every year for 31 years now. I kept hearing about it but never actually made it there for one reason or another.


Carnaval-Nice 156
by RickyRicky.




The Carnaval has gotten so big that now they have to hold it at the Palmer Events Center. I was told this is the biggest indoor Carnaval party outside of Brazil (around 6,000 people) but I can’t verify that. The eclectic crowd includes a smaller-than-usual percentage of students, surely due to the $35 ticket price.

They had a really good samba band playing the whole time, and lots of people in full Carnaval attire -which means anything but full attire. Lots of very attractive girls wherever you looked (there was this skinny topless chick dressed as a Hawaiian hula dancer… unbelievable!).

In order to maintain The MKX®‘s PG13 rating, I have uploaded a censored subset of photos from the party to The MKX® Photo Central.

Photos at The MKX@ Photo Central

Video of Capoeira dancing at the Carnaval

Other people’s photos at Flickr



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