The Lenny Kirsch® Wedding

I will keep this post brief and to the point or I’ll begin to cry. My cousin Lenny (formerly Leny), with whom I shared all of my childhood and saw just about every day of my life since kindergarden up until after we came back from Israel, got married last Sunday to the beautiful Sonia Melamed. Of course the party was a blast, and there’s lots of photos at The MKX® Photo Central. I love you and I wish you both all the happiness in the world and many many

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The Chupah

He can fly! Best wedding photo ever, by Jacobito.

Betito, Ricky, Leny, Annat,
Jonathán, Marcos: Generación
CIMAC 1978

Lots of smoking hot women from Venezuela at the wedding

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  1. Priceless…

    Que buena esta la jeva de Venezuela…quien es???

    Un fuerte abrazo y espero que Baby Jesus te haya traido todos los regalos que querias….


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