Another wedding: Galia

Just like last weekend, I flew again to Mexico City for another wedding. Those frequent flyier miles are accumulating like the dirt under my bed (or something, that wasn’t a very good analogy). This time it was the turn for my cousin Galia and Ari. It was all very precious.

See the photos, then stop wasting any time and sign up for La Polla América, which is what you came here for anyway.

Now, here’s some free advice for parents-to-be: You don’t need to get too creative when it comes to picking names, as my family learned a long time ago. Just go for the sure thing and pick a name that reflects confidence, success, beauty, and intelligence.

Or just call your kid Marcos.

PS: You can’t tell from the picture, but I’m the one known as “Marcos Grande“.

3 thoughts on “Another wedding: Galia”

  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo la foto está GUAU increíble mil gracias y SÍ el más guapo es Marcos el grande y ese es el mío el más grande de TODO y TODOS
    JA JA JA

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