Moving Hebrew music between Mac and PC iTunes

How annoying.

Last night I ripped my new Shlomo Artzi (Shfuim – not even in iTunes yet) CD in my Mac mini. It retrieved the track and album names from the series of tubes called the Internet just fine, in Hebrew.

I uploaded it to my iDisk, downloaded at work (Windows XP PC), and now track names, album names and file names are reversed (they read from left to right which makes no sense). Arabic and other right-to-left languages surely have the same problem. Any ideas?

gniyonna woH.

[Update 5/22/2007] Here’s a link to the discussion in the Apple Support Forums.

[Update 2 5/22/2007] Ok, problem solved. Windows XP does not support Right to Left languages unless you explicitly install it. This was suggested to me through the Apple Support discussion linked above. I wonder if Vista does any better, but I’m not curious enough to install it on my Vista box, which I avoid as hard as I can. Thanks a lot to philboooo for the suggestion. Click below to see fixed version.

6 thoughts on “Moving Hebrew music between Mac and PC iTunes”

  1. Hmmmm. I will try that at home over the next few days. DO you have all the correct language packs for XP? I wonder if it works any better with Vista?

  2. I don’t know how Windows handles right to left languages, but one should be able to write an AppleScript to reverse all the glyphs (letters) in any of the tags. You should be able to find a script on Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes page that is close, and then edit one or ask for one to accomplish this feat.

  3. YOUR new CD???

    I tought it was mine and you just asked me to leave it in Austin so you can hear it…

    In that case next time I visit you I might get a new computer or something similar.

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