Not a Cinco de Mayo party photos

Feels like it was yesterday… but it’s actually been more than two days!

I have uploaded a few photos from the party on Saturday. But before that, look closely at the photo above and this photo… and tell me in the comments how I haven’t aged a bit (I still look 35).

Thanks to everyone who came, especially the out-of-towners (we had people from Monterrey, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and we were a few hours away from having people from Munich). And those who helped out before, during, and after the party, you make life worth living. Well maybe not so much but thanks.

Now click here to be taken to the password request page so you can gain access to the The MKX® Photo Central and finally see some photos!

[Update May 8th, 2007] I uploaded a few more photos I was sent.

[Update May 11th, 2007] Added photos sent by Vanessa.

[Update April 4th, 2008] Full evite text below.

Goodness golly. Is it May 2007 already? Time flies, things change and yet they remain the same. For example, back when we were 16 years old we used to love bullfighting, playing russian roulette, Maradona and going to really fun parties. Now that we are almost (approximately) 21 years old, we still love the same things, except for Maradona who let us all down with his drug-related problems.

Sorry, this is not the evite for the 2007 Russian Roulette Tournament (expect that one sometime next week). This is the evite for the one and only, exciting, super fun, unforgetable Birthday Party of Karine, Julia, and Marcos.

We’ll be meeting at the same place as last year (La Guarida). Bring some booze: Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Whisky, even that disgusting Smirnoff Ice (but no beer as a keg will be provided), lots of energy and be prepared for a good time.

For those of you who are too lazy to read through the whole thing (95% of you), here’s the executive summary:

What: Birthday party
Whose: Karine, Julia and Marcos
When: May 5th
Where: La Guarida
Who: The good looking, a.k.a. you, the recipients of this evite
Why: To scratch that itch – or something
How much: Free! But some alcohol and a good attitude are always appreciated.

[UPDATE 4/30/2007] It’s almost Saturday! We know you’re so excited you can barely hold in your pee… can’t blame you, I already had to change twice today!
If you haven’t replied to the evite yet, do it now or the organizers won’t know how many jello shots to make! You never want to be short on jello shots, now do you? A “Maybe” is better than a “No Reply” in the eyes of the all-powerful party throwers.
See you soon:
Marcos, Karine, Julia, and the supreme polka-dancing midgets.

Hope to see you soon!
Respond to the damn evite!
Be merry!

Your hosts
Karine, Julia and Marcos

[UPDATE 4/17/2007] Moved the party back 12 hours. It’s 9:00 PM, not AM (duh!)

[UPDATE 4/25/2007] We have now confirmed the participation two of the most popular DJs in South America, Eastern Europe and some parts of Japan: Extreme sports enthusiast and Master of the Venezuelan Gozadera DJ Fucho plus American Idol runner up and the King of Rythm DJ^2. Things are looking good for the party.

4 thoughts on “Not a Cinco de Mayo party photos”

  1. Marcos, aunque Jakie y yo no fuimos a la fiesta, nos da gusto ver como tus amigos te quieren y aprecian, D-s mediante el otro año, no nos la perdemos.

  2. Marcos!
    Si va Elías…. (tu tío) yo quiero ir también! (porfa)
    Yo estaba presente el día que naciste… y si no me crees, preguntale a tu papá!
    Tu mami

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