The MKX® Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

As my faithful readers know, I’ve been something of a Spider-Man fan since I was two or three. I used to watch the cartoons (from the 60’s and from the 90’s) and I read the comic books for many years. I saw the previous two movies at midnight when they opened and did the same for the third one. (I must clarify that none of this makes me a nerd, and if you think it does… well you’re racist or something). So here’s my take, in an easy-to-write Good/Bad/Ugly format.

  • Venom looks incredible, just like I pictured him when reading the comic books. Too cool. Topher Grace did a great job as Eddie Brock (which I didn’t expect).
  • The Sandman is awesome too. Thomas Haden Church looked great.
  • Gwen Stacy is hot. Hotter than Mary Jane.
  • Lots of action, tons of things going on.


  • The whole Symbiont thing is way under explained.
  • A meteor crash? In Central Park? Next to Peter Parker? And he doesn’t notice? Give me a f****** break!
  • No Spider-Sense in the whole movie! At all! They always catch Spider-Man by surprise! Sure, everybody knows Venom does not trigger the Spider-Sense, but the Sandman and the Goblin should…
  • So now Sandman killed Uncle Ben? Who’s going to be the killer next? J. J. Jameson?
  • Most characters are under-developed.
  • Venom is not schizophrenic. He refers to himself as “I”, not as “we”. That’s just wrong.
  • Cool and well done as the character is, I think the movie didn’t really need the Sandman. He doesn’t get enough time and whatever little time he gets he’s just taking away from the others.


  • Eddie Brock was played by a different actor in the first movie. No one seems to remember him.
  • Green-Goblin Jr. is lame.
  • Too many scenes that belong in a chick-flick.
  • Why does the evil Peter Parker like to dance so much? Couldn’t he just do evil things instead?
  • Venom has no tongue. The big tongue with the green slime is one of the coolest thing about Venom.

Conclusion: Not as good as the previous two movies, but it’s fun to watch. Go see it.

8 thoughts on “The MKX® Movie Review: Spider-Man 3”

  1. I agree with you in almost every point, in particular, I was asking myself all the time “what the hell happened to the spider-sense?” and “why the hell is he dancing all the evil-time?”, but I strongly disagree about the ladies, I think MJ is a lot more attractive than Gwen Stacy, she’s just a dumb blonde!!… oh wait, that’s what guys like… hopeless.

  2. Gwen is not a dumb blonde! She’s Peter’s lab partner and answers a really tough question in Dr. Connor’s class at the beginning of the movie. She’s smarter (and hotter) than Mary Jane.

  3. I had fun watching the movie, si la vi durante mi ajshara fue gratis, i think that the evil dancing thing and scene is a way to symbolize the effects that the black slimy thing had on peter parkers attitude and behaviour, and even thogh people may think it was exagerated i think it was a sort of good metaphor, of how the black goo was messing with peters mind. By the way both girls are hot

  4. I would like to get back to the point of you not being a nerd for going to see this 3 movies at midnight. I think that would be a much more interesting discussion, because the movie is horrible, it’s like a Mexican soap opera with cool effects.

  5. It sounds good but I wish they did the goblins right Goblin jr? everybody that knows anything about the riginal Spiderman villinas should know that Norman was HobGoblin and Harry was GreenGoblin. Venom dose need the toung thats one of his coolest fetures and why the he!! is Pete still shooting web as Venom? Venom just shoots the poision out and swings.

  6. Spidey sense doesn’t work on Venom because the goo was apart of Spiderman. You forgot to mention the whimpering as a bad.

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