I was never a huge fan of Iron Man. In my list he’s in the same level as the X-Men, a little above Hulk, below Batman and nowhere close to Superman and Spider-Man (of course we all make these lists – hell I’ll make it a poll).
However, they’re making a movie and it’s looking pretty cool. First, they have Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Second, this is what the suit is going to look like:
Yeah, pretty sweet. Looks like they didn’t screw this one up (unlike the thong-wearing, S-buckled metro-sexual Superman in Superman Returns – yuck).
I think I’ll be seeing the trailer in 7 hours and 32 minutes, at midnight’s Spider-Man 3 opening (to which I’m not only going but dragging ten or so people along under the pretense that it’s my birthday).
[Update 5/4/2007] Never mind, there was no Iron-Man trailer. Neither a Fantastic 4 one… but they had a really cool Silver-Surfer display at the movie theater.

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