Apple Store at The Domain

The new Apple Store at The Domain (Austin, TX) opened this morning, conveniently located right accross the street from work. I had to go check it out.

The Domain is the name of the fancy new shopping mall. It’s located on MoPac and Braker. It’s got some very upscale stores (Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Puma, etc).

People walking by seemed very puzzled at the long line. Here’s a conversation the dude in front of me had with a lady passing by:

lady: What is this line for?
dude: The Apple Store Grand Opening.
lady: What, do you all like Apple?
dude: Yes.
lady: But I don’t get it, why are you in line?
dude: The Apple Store Grand Opening.
lady: What, are they giving away stuff?
dude: Well, there’s a free t-shirt.
lady: Oh… now I get it.

No… she didn’t get it.

Check out the flickr photoset and the movie embedded below.

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  1. i had that conversation half a dozen times cause i was the second in line. crazy media people and silly window pedestrians 😀

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