Five years at NI

Last Wednesday, Dr. T and Mark Finger took me and other co-workers for lunch to celebrate our 5th (or 10th or 15th) anniversary working at National Instruments (three months after the fact, but we’re all busy people with no time for trivial things like celebration lunches and updating a blog, right?).

It feels like yesterday when I sat in a room with Rafa Castro interviewing for a full time job as a software engineer in the far-away land of Austin, TX (380 miles away to be precise). Now I’m actually expected to know what I’m doing!

In the photo you can see me. To my right is founder and CEO Dr. T. Claudia Lorente is the third from left to right in the first row. I joined her group recently and I hope she won’t yell at me too much when I mess up.

I must say, the past five years have been a blast here in Austin and at NI and I gotta thank Dr. T and all of my coworkers for making it possible and allowing me to learn tons of stuff while having fun. For those readers who also happen to be financial analysts, I give you a graph that shows the historical revenue of NI. Draw your own conclusions

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