It’s decided: I’m getting a MacBook

Up until today, my Powerbook was a fairly new, up-to-date, mostly current computer. Sadly, today I saw a very critical piece of software come out for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro that does not work on my Powerbook and has rendered it completely obsolete and useless to me. And no, it’s not the Parallels Desktop for Mac.
Meet: MacSaber

[Update 5/25/2006] On Tuesday I went to the local Apple Store. They were sold out of MacBooks (but they had black demo units!).
In any case, it turns out I may not have to buy a MacBook right away, after all. I’ll try to test it tonight, even though I’m running against the clock on a small personal project.

3 thoughts on “It’s decided: I’m getting a MacBook”

  1. Hi there. My itty design company did the logo, and MacSaber was written by a friend and co-worker.

    I’m chuckling at the surprisingly large number of people that are saying “Ok, now I need a MacBook” because of this app. Not bad for isnoop’s very first foray into development 😉

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