MacBook inspiration?

Yesterday, I went to take a swim at Barton Springs. Since it’s so close to the local Apple Store (gotta love Google Maps), I went ahead to check out the new MacBooks.

And then I saw the MacBook… and that background video-game music that I haven’t been able to purge out of my head completely since 1983 started playing in my brain over and over and over again in and endless loop… Pooyan.

Yeah… you guessed it (actually I’m quite sure you have no clue on what I’m talking about). The Tomy Tutor, (that little blue Japanese computer my brother got in the early eighties) and the MacBook have strikingly similar keyboards. Except the keys on the MacBook you can actually type on and are not made out of soft, squishy, eraser-like rubber. See the comparison:

Pretty cool, huh?

(By the way, I’m not that old, and yet somehow I recall the Tomy Tutor’s keyboard and the song for the one game we had, Pooyan… this is before the Commodore 64!)

All in all: a very nice machine. I’m terribly tempted to put the machine I’m typing this on right now on eBay and get my first computer enver that runs on an Intel chip.

MacBook photo by cdevroe

Tomy Tutor photo by

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