Photo of the day #2

Meet Curtis, my new dog.

Many people have suggested that I should get a dog.

I finally decided to do it. I went to a local pet store and they had tens of different puppies of all kinds. But it was one small puppy that caught my attention. And my heart. Its beautiful yellow eyes were looking straight at me, saying: "take me home, daddy".

And so I did.

Meet Curtis, my new dog. He’s the best dog you could ask for. He’s quiet, green, small, sheds no hair and very rarely barks. If you step on his tail he will happilly grow a new one.

Curtis likes to eat bugs and to play with a rubber ball. He spends most of his time under the stove.

Curtis makes my home feel more like a home.

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  1. I’m impatiently waiting for something new! I’ve been reading about your new dog since January 22nd!

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