A darn good party

For no good reason, we decided to have a party last night. But not just any party. A darn good party. 100+ people showed up and utterly trashed my house.

Special thanks to logistics specialist Julia Gallegos, Cheff Nathan Finkelstein and decorator / all around nice guy Arturito Karakowsky. Music and technical expertise were provided by DJ Cetrulo and DJ^2. If it wasn’t for them, we would have been listening to nothing but Soda Stereo all night.

Also, some special words go out to everyone who came from out for the party: Sarai, Efrat, Vanessa, David, Don Filemon, Nancy, Betty, Johnny Kings, Sandrita and Juan. The party wouldn’t have been the same without you. We would have had more beer-per-capita.

The “cleaning the day after” turned out to be the real party. A lot of poeple helped there too: Efrat, Arturito, Sofía, Carolina, Julia and Arturo.

And… if you read this far: Photos.

[UPDATE 11/21/2005]: See more of Darth Cetrulo. Jaramillo has posted some pictures of his own.

[UPDATE 2 11/21/2005]: Johnny Kings posts even more pictures. Darth Cetrulo unleashed!

[UPDATE 3 4/30/2008]: Read on to see original evite text.

Are you tired of staying home on a Saturday night, watching Knight Rider reruns and eating popcorn? Are you tired of the neverending monotony of life? Do you hate living in a small cage hanging from a skyscraper for everyone to see? Do you want to meet tons of cool people? Do you want to see those long forgotten friends again? Do you feel like having the best time ever?

If you answered YES to any of the previous questions, keep reading.

It was a cold and windy night in Austin, Texas, when a group of free-thinking rebels got together and at the peak of a thrilling Taboo! tournament decided to throw (and I quote) “a darn good party”.

When: Saturday, 19th of November
Where: La Guarida (11515 Wiginton Dr, Austin TX 78758)
What: A darn good party
Who: You
Why: The question, my friend, is: Why not?

Good music and some refreshments will be provided. We will even make an effort to learn some new jokes. Bring beer, tequila, vodka, rum, whisky, aguardiente, everclear, wine or any other beverage of your fancy.

Cover fee: It’s free! You can’t really beat that.


A darn good party Organizing Committee
Logistics: Julia Gallegos
Decorations and all around nice guy: Arturo Karakowsky
Cheff: Nathan Finkelstein
Evite editor: Marcos Kirsch

4 thoughts on “A darn good party”

  1. Seriously dude, probably the best party of 2005:
    Great crowd, great music and dancing, lot’s of alcohol, beautiful girls all over and no police! Couldn’t have been better!

    We need to start planning one for 2006!

  2. Lamento no haberte ayudado a limipar, estaba crudo. Donde venden las cabezas de Darth Vader?

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