MacWorld San Francisco – The Analysis

Two and a half days to go until Steve Jobs delivers his keynote speech at the opening of MacWorld. Perhaps more than ever (or at least since I have followed Apple in a disturbingly close way that borders in stalker-style obsession) the rumors are all over the place.

This is what we have so far:

– New XServe and XSan a week before the keynote… Making some room for other announcements Steve????

– Rumors about an Apple-branded Office replacement.

– Rumors about cheap(er) iPods with flash memory.

– Rumors about a $500 (gasp!) Mac (will I live to see that day?).

– Apple sues rumor websites for posting trade secrets (so is it true then?).

– No webcast of the keynote, and Apple Stores will not show it either (why are you punishing us)?

– Today at CES, Motorola shows off a new iTunes-compatible cell phone with an iPod-like interface. We’ll see more of that on Monday for sure. Marcos is a very very very stupid man that just renewed a one year contract with T-Mobile. Very very stupid.

– Somebody leaks pictures (and a video!) of the iHome. This looks to me like a (not very elaborate hoax). Why? “Media Centre” (in the U.S. it’s “Center”). Also, the CD slot looks too wide, and the ports look Photoshopped on. The corners don’t look right. Still… nice try.

Will they deliver my new speed-bumped Powerbook? We’ll see….

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