Blogs are now fashionable

Two new blogs by friends are online, joining classic’s such as Yosi’s Coffee&Concrete and Beavis’ Naked Funhouse.

First, Yan Kirsch has uploaded Greye (which means hemorrhoids in Yiddish). He updates the blog mainly from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The other new blog is maintained in Barcelona by none other than the one and only Johnny Kings. Johnny is famous for his signature chocolate milkshakes and is Diego’s older brother (interestingly, Johnny’s last name is Kings but Diego’s last name is Reyes). His blog is El Turmeque (which means hemorrhoids in Cataln – although Johnny is really Colombian).

On the other hand, I’m very dissappointed at Aizik who hasn’t touched his blog since June 15. Shame on you!

One thought on “Blogs are now fashionable”

  1. Marcos, I’m terrible sorry.

    I have to say that I would also like to see updates from you more often.

    chau chau

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